4 thoughts on “ADMIN

  1. This is Someone agency. You’ve infringed our copyrights of COME ON OVER.
    If you do not remove all the videos immediately, we will take a legal action for this. Please take appropriate measures for what you have done.


  2. Dear Mr/Mrs,

    We are so sorry about it. We have removed all the videos already. We promise not to make this mistake again.



  3. Hi,
    You posted a translation of my work “A Cassiopeian Journey” on your site and pingbacked on my wordpress for the credits. Thank you for that^^. However, I noticed that anyone else re-posting from your site (on facebook) who used both the translation and the original English text as well didn’t credit my source properly. Could you please see to the matter?
    Thank you ^^

    • Thank your for infomation. we will remind them to credit your source.
      By the way, reading “A Cassiopeia Journey”, feeling it, we have more strength to pass this difficult time, and also, the faith is strengthened. Anyway, thank you so much



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